Legend has it that our world was built upon the ruins of another...

In this world the ancient beasts walked upright as men, built kingdoms and even wielded magic - or so the elves say.

If you undertake a pilgrimage across the shattered isles and to the slopes of the great mountain, there you will find the forces that once shook this world still linger.

It is said that they may whisper to those blessed with the gift of ethereal magic and tell you of something of this other world and what became of it...

Listen closely young adventurer...

The Ether speaks !

Once there were six ancient races, each of whom commanded great power.

Proud bird-like nomads who roamed the mountains and canyons of Gaea


Industrious and strong, they built a kingdom through trade and construction


Prolific farmers, capable of rapidly mobilising in huge numbers.


Natual sorcerers who ruled the seas and all beneath.


Oldest of the races, guardians of the forest and envoys of the elementals.


Secretive immortals found only in the farthest reaches of Gaea.


There were of course other lesser races and clans, but we shall save their tale for another time...

The six kingdoms grew as kingdoms do and soon their rivalries began to boil over.

As tensions threatened to break into all-out war, there emerged a clan of powerful crow mystics who gathered sway with many of the kingdoms.

These powerful magic weavers, promised to soothe these rivalries by opening a portal to a vast new land, where the great kingdoms could expand without limit...

Although many doubted such promises could be fulfilled, none could ignore the chance to expand their realm...

At the behest of King Argive of the Hounds, heroes from each of the kingdoms assembled in the glorious harbour city of Efnor.

There the crows convinced them of their discovery of a godly gate on a forgotten isle at the far reaches of the known world. This gate they claimed would allow passage between worlds.

Not without some hesitation, it was agreed that each kingdom would send their strongest warriors on a quest to claim equal shares of this new world.