Minted Minions Quest is a series of five puzzles of increasing difficulty, hosted on this website.
Your minion NFTs give you access to the game when you connect your metamask wallet to our website. Each minion unlocks clues for all stages.

At the end of the series, the first 100 players to complete all puzzles will win a share of an Ethereum prize pool. 10% of the initial sale earnings will go towards the Ethereum prize pool.

You can play Minions Quest right here on the Minted Minions website after purchasing any Season 1 Minted Minions NFT. Simply login with your Metamask wallet and visit the Quest page (visible in the main menu at launch) to get started.

We will automatically recognize any Minions NFTs you are holding in your wallet once you visit the 'My Minions' page.

You can unlock clues simply by visiting the 'My Minions' page whenever you add a new Minions NFT to your wallet.

Please note:

  • If you resell the Minion before visiting the 'My Minions' page you will forfeit your ability to unlock any clues - so make sure to unlock your clues before reselling your Minion
  • Your MintedMinions account is permanently tied to a single wallet upon registration, so switching between wallets while logged in won’t let you unlock more Minions.
  • If you aren’t seeing any characters or clues and you have purchased a minions NFT, then check you are authenticated with the right Metamask wallet. You can also check your wallet address on to ensure your wallet possesses a Minion NFT.

Stages of minion quest season 1 will be unlocked a week apart, starting at the initial sale date. However, you cannot attempt a stage without completing all previous stages.

Minions Quest puzzle stages are designed to be nearly impossible to solve with no clues, and still intellectually challenging with all clues. We expect most players will require around 6 clues to solve each stage. Given each minion unlocks between two and five clues, you should expect to need between one and three minions to complete the game - depending how clever you are!.