Beyond being awesome art collectibles, each Minion NFT unlocks several clues for a specific stage in both seasons of Minions Quest and will be a playable card in Minions War.

As you complete stages in Minions Quest, your minions will level up and unlock rare traits and items that will make your minion more powerful card in Minions War.

Minted Minion NFT ownership cements you as one of the co-founders of the Minted Minions Universe. In recognition of this special contribution, Minion NFT holders will periodically receive airdrops of in-game items and game early-access not available to other Minions War players.

Minions have a mix of mutable (can change) and immutable (can’t change) traits. Your minion’s race, class, colour-schemes and companion attributes are immutable and will never be changed. Your Minion will however accumulate other mutable attributes over time including a level, personality traits, and tradeable items.

A cryptographic hash (a merkel tree to be specific) of all immutable token metadata is stored in the Minion NFT contract to ensure that any attempt by the developers to change metadata can be detected by the community. We will be publishing example scripts closer to launch to help you verify your token metadata yourself should you be curious!

Transparent technology is at the core of our project. Metadata freezing and post-sale randomisation occur on the blockchain for all to see. Metadata freezing occurs shortly before each initial sale.

Randomisation occurs immediately after the initial sale period and also immediately reveals the metadata on our website, Opensea and the Ethereum blockchain. By performing randomisation and meta reveal in the same function call of our smart contract, everybody, including our developers, finds out the metadata for each token at the same time - preventing insider trading.

Yes, there are two seasons of Minions Quest in which the 12 limited-edition races will be released (six races in each season). There will be just 6000 minions released in each season, after which these races will never be minted again.

Non-unique minions for additional races will be made available to all Minions War players. These non-unique minions will not have access to any of the racial abilities of the Limited Edition races and in general will be statistically inferior to Limited Edition Minion NFTs.

The rarity ratios of race, class and companion attributes will be preserved across seasons and games.

You can trade your Minions anywhere you like - you own them! We recommend using Opensea.

You can find the official Minted Minions Opensea collection here. It's looking a little empty right now but will be full of Minions after the initial sale!

You can view your Minted Minions either on or here on by logging in with a Metamask wallet. This must be same wallet that holds your Minion NFTs.

Once logged in simply visit the my minions page to view minions and associated clues.

If you are sure you have purchased minions via this website or Collection) and you can't see them on the My Minions page, we suggest:

  • Make sure installed Metamask and that it holds the wallet with your Minion NFTs.
  • Check that you have signed up to the with the Metamask wallet that actually holds the Minions NFTs (switching after sign up won't work, you need to logout, switch wallets, and login/sign up again).
  • Check that your current wallet network is set to the Ethereum Mainnet
  • Reach out to Minted Minions support on Discord