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Based in Sydney, Australia, we are a diverse team of professionals with experience in technology, consulting, finance, gaming and art with strong ties to the NFT & blockchain space.

  • Lachlan Craigie (Technical Lead / Co-Founder) is a full-stack developer, AI engineer and entrepreneur. He has launched several successful consulting and data-related businesses.

  • Rudi Hickman (Community Lead/Co-Founder) has significant business development experience from his time at IBM, SAP, and more recently at Elastic where he leads community efforts locally.

  • James Gordon PhD (Advisor) is a Principal at Global Consultancy Oliver Wyman. He is an experienced leader with deep expertise launching and scaling digital ventures. James serves as an Advisory Board Member for Immutable, the team behind Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, and the Immutable X NFT platform.

Our team is growing weekly so check back here for more details soon!

Minted Minions are a collection of 6000 unique characters stored as ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain and playable in a fantasy universe spanning several games. Each Minion has immutable characteristics reflected in the NFT artwork including race, class, companion and other aesthetic variations.

Through their experiences across games, Minions will level up and unlock traits, items and other rewards for their holders.

The first Minted Minions game - Minions Quest, is a competitive puzzle game available at launch. Each Minion will unlock between 2 and 5 clues in Puzzle Quest with the first one hundred players to solve all puzzle stages receiving an Ethereum payout.

The second game Minions will be playable in is Minions War - a deck-building card battler in the spirit of Hearthstone and Gods Unchained. Minions War will be available in late 2022.

The Minted Minions Initial Sale will occur via our website in December 2021.

After the Initial Sale you can acquire Minions from other players via the official Minted Minions Open Sea collection. This is the safest and most secure option for trading.